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Friday, May 8, 2009

Update on indoor sowing.....

Getting ready for "spring" to get here in frigid Wyoming! LOL... Actually the weather's been wonderful. We've been able to get so much accomplished outside. On the inside, my seedlings are doing GREAT. A few nights ago I had to transplant my mater seedlings into cups as they were up to 8", some of them. Even now, in just 4 days, some are as large as 6". Here are some pics of me transplanting, the root system on one of them (even though some were MUCH larger/longer) & some misc. pics of my seedlings!

Psycho kitty is a GREAT watcher,
WHEN she isn't KNOCKING them over.....

And my darling Keenan....
No matter how much I try to explain
to him that the flowers he "picked"
for me are dead from last year,
he just wants to "Give you flowers, Mom."
Here's where I found them.....

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