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Friday, May 15, 2009

Day trip to Casper, misc. pics

Look what the Easter Bunny left us!!

Fat robin

We left at 10 til 5 the morning of April 15th for Casper. Hubba had a test he had to take for work, so that he could get certified for underground tank storage. That was an early morning & a LONG day! The sunrise was BEAUTIFUL. The very orange pics were taken to the left & the lighter ones were to the right. It was a BEAUTIFUL drive!

Here, we've arrived & are waiting in the van for Hubba's test time. While Hubba was testing, we went off shopping.

The trip back, while cloudy & darker in some spots, was no less beautiful. You could actually see the clouds resting atop the mountains. The kids were exhausted by then. The Platte river below:

These were taken through the windshield

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