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Saturday, May 9, 2009

New places

Hubba decided to wake up Sunday morning & announce we were going to Rock Springs. "Um, why?" I asked, still clad in my jammers & totally unkempt, looking forward to spending the DAY in my jammers. Actually I wasn't, but I had some plans I was going to work on at my own pace & at 10:30 am, I wasn't quite pacing yet..... We hee'ed, we haw'ed. We went to Rock Springs.

When Hubba was out of town, he brought
the boys binoculars as a souvenir. He had fun AND
education in mind (God bless that creature!).

I know, I know...
You want to know what they were oogling.....

And here we are in Rock Springs.
Somewhere on Elk St IIRC.

And on the way home after some shopping
& perusing the pretty little town

This is "Table Rock." This one I left a little
larger so you can click for a better view.

Tris needed a potty break, so we stopped here.
Keenan HAD to climb on the BIG rocks. I know
he's cute n all, but check out that SKY behind him!!!!!

"Mom take a picture of me peeking over the rock."
No seriously, he's 5. He said that!

Here's one of the tourist-y signs we saw.
I left this one a bit larger as well, so if you click
on it, you should be able to read it.


Kelle said...

If your Dh ever decides to take a trip to Cody, we're only about an hour further and we'd love to meet you.

Love the pictures,I've never been in that part of WY, so it's fun to see.

Happy Mother's Day!, may yours be full of special blessings.
Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Montanagirl said...

I stopped by for a visit. I like your blog, and your photos, "and" your narration. Very fun. I'll be back again.

Millie said...

Sounds like your Rock Springs road trip was a fun day!