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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On Sunday (the 26th) I canned.....

Hubba got 20# of apples from work. Please excuse the fogginess of the first few pics. The camera had been left in the shed overnight, so it the lens kept fogging up on me.

The canning Bible, LOL

My little helpers.....

Yes, even him. Just not right at that moment, LOL

Yummy! Apple products...

WBC boiling fast & furious!

STILL prepping apples.....

Waiting on one more batch in the WBC!

Finally got the first batch of pintos out of the canner!

Bertha, my beloved!


Good grief, someone should clean that stove. Looks like someone's been using it!!

Look at all that great stuff!!

38 pints of yumminess by the time all was said & done!!! 6 jars applesauce, 4 jars cinnamon apples, 5 jars apple chunks, 23 jars pintos!


Kelle said...

Sometimes in the late Fall I get to feeling overwhelmed, all I have to do is go down to the pantry and look upon all the beautiful jars of goodies and I'm raring to go again. It warms ones heart to see the product of our labors. What a blessing to get apples in a large amount, God is good. We're praying our apple trees, which btw are heavily laden with blossoms, will give us a bountiful crop. We have a cider press and would love to use it to make delicious cider but only after we can enough apples and pie filling. We still have plenty of apple sauce and apple butter from two seasons ago, we canned something like 120qt of sauce and 35 pints of butter.
Your table look simply elegant, with all your canning goods cooling.


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful sight! You worked hard that day!