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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Menu 8/16/09-8/22/09

Lunches will always be leftovers when we have them. Otherwise, I have the "backup" menu below:


B- Eggs & sausage, pancakes with choice of maple syrup or homemade blueberry jam, smoothies or coffee

L & D- Graze all day Sunday- Cowboy beans, cornbread

S- Fruit juice gelatin, oranges


B-Muesli, tea with coconut milk

L-Pasta with butter & Parmesan, cucumber slices, water

D-Crockpot chicken, potatoes & carrots, iced green tea

S-cheese cubes & wafer crackers


B-Cereal bars, dried fruit, water (We have daycamp this day, so we might be eating in the car)

L-Daycamp- sack lunch: Sandwiches, boiled eggs, raisins, lemonade

D-Daycamp cookout

S-Daycamp- pack various snacks


B-Peanut butter toast, bananas, milk

L- Taco Style lentils & rice, corn, water

D-Meatloaf patties, mashed dilly-Dubliner potatoes, peas, limeade slushies

S-Boiled eggs

I think I'll start doing my menu from Thursday through Wednesday. Our grocery ad comes out on a Wednesday. While I have plenty of food in the freezer, I always like to view the ad & see if there's something we'd rather add to the mix. Not to mention fresh produce is pretty much a weekly shop anyway. Desserts are almost always TBA, LOL.

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