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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crockpot Sundays

Yes, you're thinking normal stuff, rt? But NO!!! This past Sunday Hubba wanted potato soup. I've been sick since last Tuesday so at about 11, I decided I was going to go ahead & make it before I ran out of steam. Figured I could either keep it in the CP or warm it back up at dinnertime. I made a HUGE pot & it dawned on me that the 2 older kids could serve themselves from the CP. So from about 12:45 til 7 I left the soup on warm, piled a baking pan with bread & left that on the stove & had crackers on the counter & basically told them that they could serve themselves throughout the day. I also told them they could have clementines & bananas as they desired.

It was a HUGE success. The kids had a blast & I snacked on ramekins of soup throughout the day. Wonderful for a sickie. So I decided, we're doing this on Sundays from now on. On Friday or Sat while I'm making dinner, I'll make something else as well. Sunday mornings it'll go in the CP on low til after church & after church it'll get switched to warm & everyone can dig in as they wish. I'll supplement as I did this past Sunday with fruits & veggie trays, or what have you.

I have SO many ideas, but if you are interested in doing this, here are a few I've come up with along with the things needed:

-Soups (put out crackers, breads, and other garnishes)
-pulled BBQ meat (put out buns & chips)
-cowboy beans (put out a HUGE pan of cornbread)
-chili (put out a HUGE pan of cornbread)
-finger foods like cocktail wienies, meatballs, etc. Like superbowl food
-dips (put out melba toasts, chips, crackers, etc)
-beef au jus (put out hoagie rolls)

The ideas are endless. Basically whatever has to stay warm goes in the crockpot & the things I mentioned putting on the counter are shelf stable, so it works!!! For things like meatball subs or tacos or something, just make a crudite of cheeses & veggies that need to be kept cold & plop it in the fridge.

You can either put out disposable plates & such or make rule of wash as you go (rinse & load dishwasher as you go, whichever).

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