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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Re-usable produce bags!!!

When we moved into this house, there were some awful sheers & draperies at the window. I sent them to the shed to go on Freecycle or thrift. I thought Hubba had taken them off, so I was disappointed when I found this tutorial on making re-usable produce bags. So I decided as I perused the thrift store & yard sales (hopefully coming up) I'd keep an eye out for sheers.

Imagine my delighted surprise when I was sorting through the shed and found THOSE AWFUL SHEERS!!!

Today I made 4 re-usable produce bags, loosely following the above tute. I'm not as patient, so I didn't do the double fold seams & all that junk. Besides I wanted to be sure I could even do them with some semblance of utilitarianism.

Now that I know how to make them & they seem to work (I used some apple in the fruit bowl to test them), I'll be sure to seam them properly & take pics next time I make them!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad to see someone else making those reuseable fruit bags too!!

I made some for us to use at the stores too from sheers that I paid $2 for 4 panels at the thrift store. I got 8 bags from one panel. I figured I'd use those until I wear them out and then make more from another panel.