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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning ladies (& any gents that may be reading)! We have been s busy! I have lots of pics & posts to get on here, so be patient with me. Got Markie this morning. I missed the little squirt. Haven't had her since, um.... Saturday. Had to think about that, LOL. I overslept today. Have lots to do & have done lots so far. I wanted to work outside, so I made my do-list, but since it was supposed to snow, I made a back up (bad weather) list as well, LOL. Of course it snowed & I'd rather have been outside digging. On my agenda today:

- Add to Amish Friendship Starter
- Make Amish Fr'ship bread
- Make sweet tea
- portion huge honkin pork roast I got at Sam's yesterday
- repot aloe I got from home depot y-day
- Clean mudroom, now that I've started outdoor seeds, it's time to reorg it- Have some plants to go out to the coldframe as well Got most of this done
- wintersow
- Laundry, HS & the like (working on)
- Clean master loo
- clean out fridge
- put lime cubes in bag
- start dinner in the CP
- portion & freeze spags sauce

Hope you all have a very blessed day today!


Millie said...

You have a busy day planned!

Tatersmama said...

How do you manage to find all the time to do your 'to-do" list and deal with kids at the same time?
That's amazing! lol! I'm lucky if I can manage to eat, let alone get caught up on laundry!

(and how do you do the line through the text thing as well? I've never been able to figure it out, so any tips would be great!)