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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Google friend connect- a pain in my tush!

I have some blogs I enjoy reading. A lot.... But for some reason, I cannot comment on blogs that have the friend connect thingie to leave comments. *sigh*

Bedtick Farm is one such blog I adore.

My soon-to-be almost neighbor at Thinking Outloud (I can't wait til you get here, Millie!!!).

I know there's a couple others, but these 2 came to mind right off the bat.

So can anyone help me? Why can I not comment on friend connect blogs? *sniff* I don't want these folks thinking I'm ignoring them or being snooty. I have Vista (ew, yuck, I know. I can't believe I just admitted that!). The computer was just bought in October-ish & it's a smashing Acer with a slim tower (sorry had to brag for a mo, LOL. I LOVE the tiny tower!). I don't know what else to give you to help me, but please HEP ME!!! *grin*


Leah S said...

Both of the blogs you listed have their posting comments EMBEDDED instead of full page or pop up window. I have found this format to be the least friendly.

There's also been problems with the word verification with embedded posts and the comments never go through.

I'm not sure what to suggest to fix the problem, except not to have word verification and not to have posting comments embedded. (Yours is "full page".) I personally have pop up and no moderation or verification. You'd think I'd be opening myself wide for spam, but they only hit me every couple of months and I just delete them.

Millie said...

I went in and changed my blog the way Leah S suggested. Let me know if that makes a difference. It would be good to solve your 'mystery'.

JLB said...

Sorry it took so long for me to see this...I didn't realize it was a problem :) I'll work on that. Glad you like my blog. I'm hoping to be able to update again soon!