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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Ladder Shelf

When we decided to put the house on the market, I decided to do something I've wanted for awhile. I needed a fairly slim, low profile shelf for one section of our living room that also housed a built-in shelf. I decided to build a ladder shelf. I looked at some plans online, and thought "I can do that." So I bought some gorgeous pine wood at the local hardware/lumber store. We figured I'd paint it brown to match the painted tables. Once I put it together I realised we don't have a lot of nice *real* wood pieces, so I set out to find the perfect stain.

Enter Menard's and Minwax. And the stain colour called..... Jacobean.

The decor on this shelf, actually this whole corner has been changed a few times, and of course with Easter, we've added some spring & Easter decor. The first picture of the unfinished shelf shows the corner a mess. This was near the beginning of our venture, and we were playing the shuffle game. Shuffle everything from one room to the next. So please excuse the mess.

But yeah, I'm fairly chuffed with the ladder shelf. Oh, and the living room walls are now painted white.

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