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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Funny thing is....

Let me preface this by saying that
I have zero affiliation with Krylon,

other than my love for the product....

I was just telling Hubba last night that we should buy stock in Krylon & be done with it! I love the "EZ Touch 360ยบ Dial." Pushing the button doesn't make your finger hurt like those other sprays. You can also control the spray, so you can spray sideways, up & down or at an angle. Krylon dries super quick to the touch (10 minutes according to the can, which sounds about right). And the colours are just DIVINE!!!

So off to True Value I go with 2 colours in mind. A light grey & a light green for a couple small projects.....

Green & grey- check.

What I didn't count on, were the clearance shelf tags.....

At 50% off.....

Oh, but aren't they beautiful??? I already have plans for the Brushed Nickel & the Oil Rubbed Bronze.

$2.00 a can. I couldn't resist. Even if I don't have plans yet for the Sparkling Canyon. Yet. I said yet.

Funny that..... Stock in Krylon.


Kelly said...

Girl, y'all better get back to GA soon! :)

I think krylon stock is a GREAT idea!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog.


Sheree said...

I LOVE those colors!! Those are the colors I regularly use!!