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Monday, October 12, 2009

Kitchens Gone Wild

This week I started using my sourdough starters. I began them on 9/29.

This is the Amish Friendship Bread Starter I have taken a cup from to share with a lady from church. I gave another cup to one of my daycare moms. I also made 2 loaves of bread with it, which are all but devoured. It is such a yummy dessert & breakfast bread!

This is my latest batch of Kombucha tea. It's taking longer to brew now that the weather has cooled, but I'm pleased to report that I got 9 1/2 quarts this go round (the green tea isn't pictured here).

This is my Amish Friendship Bread Starter ready for another 10 days of fermenting. It will be ready for baking & sharing on the 18th.

This was my first batch of sourdough bread, from the first starter I've ever been able to make successfully from airborne yeast. I am so excited with this!

Otherwise, my kraut is almost (finally) done. My water kefir grains are being stored for a bit right now & I have yoghurt on the agenda for this next week. We were brought a yummy elk steak by a friend that he had cooked up. I didn't get a picture of it as Hubba instantly sucked it down. I did get a couple bites, & it was fantastic!

What's gone wild in your kitchen this past week?

1 comment:

Millie said...

I'm glad your sourdough turned out. That's alot of kombucha!