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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kitchens Gone Wild

There's a story to this. No, really there is. I get some really crazy pictures of my kitties & I've seen some really crazy pictures of kitties across the net. I had this foolish idea to make a calendar called Kitties Gone Wild. It never happened, but I figure it was the path to something else looking back. I was in the kitchen at some horribly early hour this morning tending to my sourdough bread, my sourdough starters, my kombucha tea & staring the elk chunks in my freezer down. I was deciding whether I wanted to pull my kefir crystals out of the refrigerator & start those again & I was sniffing my kraut..... For some reason, and totally out of nowhere, I chuckled as the phrase "Kitchens Gone Wild" came to mind. About 5minutes later it hit me (and no, it didn't even hurt)- A BLOG CARNIVAL!!!! I do have a tendency for delayed reactions, so don't let that alarm you.

So here we have it- The Kitchens Gone Wild Blog Carnival, to be held every Monday. I don't know how many people will join, but I look forward to peeking into other kitchens. Will you join me as I embark on a weekly tour of live, wild & fermented foods? Foods from the wild (animal & plants)? A whole new reborn generation of wholesome eating?

So, that all said, I hope to see you on Monday, where I'll have more information on this!

1 comment:

Kelle said...

That sounds fun! it's time for us to get our sourdough going again for winter. I don't have the raw milk to make yogurt anymore( until Arpil 2010) and I've never made Kefir or Komacha(sp?) So it will be fun to see yours in action. I do have several wild game recipes I can share too. Do you have snow yet?
Have a wonderful weekend!