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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hopefully she won't smack me for this.....

But it made me chuckle (sniffing her sourdough) & it's valuable info..... She didn't say DON'T publish it, she just said I didn't HAVE TO. And since her sourdough ROCKS, I feel I SHOULD post it.....

Millie left a comment on my menu post about my sourdough.

I should have let you sniff my sourdough when you were here (how weird does that sound?). Mine doesn't really smell sour. It smells like a microbrew (beer)! I think that fruity and bubbly sounds about right. With the weather colder now my bread is slower to rise so I try to help it along by running the crock pot next to it. That seems to help.

Funny thing is, I'm planning on making steel cut oats in the crockpot tonight, so this is
perfect timing! I'm happy to report that it IS slowly riring since I put it out for its first rise this afternoon- YAY!

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