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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pt 3- the weed bed.....

The middle bed is proving to be a losing battle when it comes to the weeds. We've decided one of 2 things. Either way we've decided to empty the dirt out & lay weed cover down. Then, we're either going to make a hoophouse or a proper greenhouse or we're going to fill with fresh CLEAN dirt for next year. I'm still up in the air on which we're going to do.....

The lettuce I trans'ed to a dishpan came from the weedy bed:

I started planting my greens in bowls & pans so I could grow them, but they not be overtaken by weeds.

3 GORGEOUS bunches of spinach, with a couple smaller ones coming up too:

Onions & weeds:

As a sidenote, Hubba & I got out there & got most of the weeds out. There are still a massload of roots in there, which is how we came to the decision to empty it out. We really don't have a choice on that.

1 comment:

JLB said...

Still less weeds in your onions then mine! I'll have to show you a pic. (if I can't compete with getting lots of stuff in my garden I can at least grow weeds better ;) )