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Saturday, July 25, 2009

One more science experiment.....

I forgot to include my new Kombucha SCOBY in the pictures yesterday. When I realised this yesterday afternoon, I went to get a picture of it & noticed it's ALREADY GROWING!!! It hadn't even been in the tea 48 hours (I took the pics around 3 yesterday & I just batched it up late Wednesday night).

The opaque part is the part Millie gave me, the cloudy part is where it's already a "film" across the whole top of the liquid. The boys were in bed when I moved the baby from the starter tea jar to the brew jar, but they can't wait til next time so they can touch the SCOBY. I believe when I told them about it being squishy & slimy but firm in the middle, the word was "COOL!!!" LOL

1 comment:

The Mom said...

I love seeing all the great fermentation going on at your house. I'm just starting to really do things like this and it's nice to see it in action.