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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dass a lotta oats!

For $50 the bag, that's only $1 a pound for ORGANICS!!!


Kelle said...

Oh my! I assume you ordered these from Azure Standard, right? The last time I ordered( over a year ago) the 50lbs organic rolled oats were closer to $35. I NEED to put in an order and now know I'm NOT goign to like the prices. As it was they increased our shipping from 5% to 6% then to 8.5% and I'm almost afraid to ask what it is now. I'm finding it is cost effective to just deal with our local health food store( Good Earth Market) and buy in bulk through them, we'll see now if this is even more the truth*sigh*

We go through 150 lbs of rolled oats a year, when our Ds was still at home it was closer to 250 lbs, boy can those teen boys eat! LOL!.

I know you're family will enjoy many a tastey treat made using those oats.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Actually these came from the bulk lady at the discount grocery. I'm not surprised that they used to be cheaper, though. They're 47.90 through Azure right now & the surcharge is still 8.5%.

I never thought about how many we go through, but I really should. Might be interesting.