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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pt 2- Strawberries, grapes, corner bed, leaning tower

First off, let me say, I am SOOO over this uber-short growing season, LOL. This time last year I was already harvesting tomatoes & cukes & such.

Anyhoo, we have peas, a small green tomato, grapes seem to be fairing well & we have some green strawberries. Well, here are the pics, I'll caption them so you know.


My unfortunately flowering broc plants (but the flowers are yummy!):

My hopefully will not flower broc plants:

I transplanted some strangled by weeds lettuce to a dishpan:

Strawberries, YUM!

Grapevines & my leaning tower planter

I had 2 gorgeously long runners. With it being a hanging bag, I had to figure out how to root the runners. I chose to cut a peat pellet in half & half again. I took quarters of the pellets, laid the runners in them, wrapped them in saran wrap & tied them with hemp string. I'll let you know how these fare.

Snipped the mint from the top, cilantro next, then 2 basil & later weeded strawberries in the bottomest. I still need to get one more pot for the top. I'm a slacker, I know...

The grape "bunches are starting to spread & look like actual grape bunches we're accustomed to seeing (in the stores, sigh)

Broc & peas in one end of the corner bed:

Hopefully my elderberry plant doing something. Unfortunately, the other one isn't doing a thing :(

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