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Saturday, February 7, 2009

New growth, strawberries, milk, etc, etc......

In a week I worked on 12 pounds of strawberries. I made strawberry bread, strawberry banana freezer jam, sorbet, macerated strawberries, smoothies & froze some for more strawberry bread. OH YUM!!!

Some of you will recognise this. I am so happy to have found a source!!! Yes, *le sigh*, that is conventional milk in there, too.

My lemon bush (which is in my living room for the winter) has produced blooms for the first time. I had a total of 9, but one got knocked off yesterday. I thought I was going to cry. My orange tree is also producing blooms & in a week or so they should be large enough to take pics of. I'm so excited!!!

We tried to root an avocado pit a few months ago to no avail. This pic shows 1 & 2 of 4. #3 is in wet soil & #4 has been "forgotten" (obviously not) in the worm bin.

These 2 pics show my first try at kraut. We'll see......


Tatersmama said...

So tell me about the milk... What kind is it?

NaomiG said...

Came by from Tatersmama... love all your cooking, canning, gardening pics, your description sounds like one I could have written about myself. :-) I just did some strawberry jam last week... SO GOOD! I have family in Wyoming... LOVE where they live, (star valley) but would love to see more of the gorgeous state of Wyoming one of the trips to see them.