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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mama's cookin'!

I'm so excited. We got these pans on Monday & I lovelovelove them. We went for a set that was little pricier, so that *hopefully* we won't be having to replace them in a couple years. I wanted to get away from the poison teflon, and aluminum is almost as bad. Not to mention, when you buy non-stick, you have to replace them every couple years or so. We decided we were going for quality, rather than affordability this go round. They were actually a good deal at Sam's club & I'd been oogling this set on amazon. I paid $30 less for MY set WITH an extra pan!! *happy dance*

Here's to hoping this is a set I can leave my grandkids!!!

Can you say ooshiny? *grin*


Sheree said...

Those pans are gorgeous!! I was blessed with a set similar several years ago as a birthday present from my parents. I can't imagine cooking in anything else!

Angelena said...

OH I am so full of bloggy envy right now lol. They are beautiful and will last you years!