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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Local honey! YAY!

I've been looking for local honey since we moved here. The most local I could find was CO. Not very local if you ask me! While in Casper (111 miles away) I found some Casper honey in the Safeway supermarket. Unfortunately it's not raw or anything, but it's a good start, especially since we're getting low on our local-when-we-were-in-GA-honey, LOL. And an even better start considering the tainted honey the US still allows into our country.

1 comment:

Sheree said...

I have found raw honey at an organic foods store not far from here but I don't know if it is local or not. We were lucky to get honey from a tree where hubby was cutting wood and it is very good but out of fear of contaminants I heated it to the temperature recommended and only use it to cook with since its my first time doing honey. I have been eyeballing the raw honey for a while now....maybe I will be brave enough to buy it soon LOL.
So glad you found some local honey though!!!