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Friday, February 12, 2010

Menu 2/14-2/20/2010

This week's menu is very simple & I regain my footing here at home. I also hope (next week) to resume the sourdough series that I starter prior to our emergency trip out of town. KGW will be soon to follow. I had plans to resume KGW the beginning of Feb, but at that time, all my starters were in a freezer, LOL. Please bear with me as I recupe, recenter & refocus.

Sunday- GAD- Tater soup & bread

Monday- Eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, jarred fruit

Tuesday- Turkey soup, salad, bread

Wednesday- Spags, garlic bread, salad

Thursday- Bison roast, taters, carrots, rolls

Friday- Pizza, cheesy bread

Saturday- Pork chops, grilled taters, corn

1 comment:

Kelle said...

All sounds yummy! Glad you're home, we missed you. We're having porchop casserole for supper tonite and then over the weekend we'll be doing a smorgasborg of leftover cleanup*wink*
Blessings for your weekend and Happy Valentines Day,