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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A huge thanks & some disappointments!

The past few weeks have been an extremely trying time for my family & me. SO many people have come through for me in a way I never thought possible. People I've never met, nor have I talked to on the phone, are still sending their well wishes. Close friends & family still call occasionally to check on me & to ask how my parents are doing. I am so appreciative for those kind hearts.

At the same rate, I've found who my true friends are. I've heard "I want" phrases. From people I know in real life.

Etc, etc.....

I'm saddened to say some of those phrases were not meant.

I'm saddened to have lost some that I thought truly cared.

And then there were those that we parted ways with in the past. Some of them stepped up with offers of prayers, money and other things we needed. And all we'd asked for is prayer.

It is with a heavy AND a joyful heart that I thank those, that in a time of need, came through for not only myself, but my family. Those that sent emails, texts, messages, cards & picked up the phone call & those that prayed. Most have been very patient with me as I adjust to a new chapter in my life, and I appreciate that.

Thank you to those that have been faithful to me, that haven't expected anything out of me, and especially to those that been patient with me.

And to my Hubba, thank you the most! Your love, patience & drive to do what was needed to get me home to the rest of my family. You're still being patient with me, and I need that so! I love you the mostest on Earth forever & always!

Bless you all- those that were there for us AND not.


Tatersmama said...

Michaela, I'm still on my knees, for you and your family.

~julee~ said...

Big gigantic bear hugs to you, Michaela! ((HUGS))