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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our want to try list- Produce

This past payday we tried starfruit. I took this post (in my head) when I went grocery shopping. It was actually kind of ironic, because a few days before I read Amy's post, I'd added 4 new recipes to my shopping list at All Recipes dot com.

Then I realised how many things the kids had asked me to buy to try while we were in the store. Now, we've tried many new things, especially since going whole/traditional foods. But there is SO much more out there!!! I couldn't find kumquats, but after reading the above post, those were on my hit list..... Recently we've tried the starfruit, as well as blood oranges, different types of squash and a variety of sweet potatoes. I am a SUCKER when the kids ask for healthy items. I am the type of Mom that can say no to anything & not feel a smidge of guilt......

Except healthy items- fresh produce, olives, pickles, cheeses, real (fresh) juices, fresh fish, ingredients for certain recipes, etc. Cakes & cookies & chips, I can say no to & not.bat.a.lash....

Here's the conversation I was having with KerryAnn:

stonythorn: Maybe we'll do coconut next payday. I figure I can squeeze one new thing in each payday
stonythorn: coconut, then maybe red bananas
stonythorn: the boys think those & baby bananas are cool
stonythorn: then jicama (for cookies)
stonythorn: I should write a list

So...... here I am. Writing a list.....

  • Kumquats
  • Coconut ( the boys -mostly Tris- want one. I've had them. My Dad used to scale trees in FL and toss them down to us)
  • Red bananas
  • Baby bananas These were so gross. They are so beyond sickeningly sweet & taste more like sugar than bananas.
  • Jicama
  • Key limes
  • Plantain
  • Pomegranate (I've tried pomegranate, the kids have not)
  • Kale (fried kale chips, yum)
  • Honeydew melon (again, I've tried it, the kids have not)
  • Patty pan squash (getting some seed this year for the garden- YAY!!!)
  • Romanesco Italia Broccoli (getting some seed this year for the garden- YAY!!!)

I'll add to the list, and I'll cross off from this list as I think of more, or as we try them.

What's new on your palate these days?


Donna B said...

Jicama in my opinion tastes like dirt. LOL But I made it a salad. I would try it one more time in a cookie.

Joy said...

Would love to know how to make Kale Chips? We love kale at our house!