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Monday, November 30, 2009

Kitchens Gone Wild 11-30-2009

My Kombucha will be "harvested" today. I have the usual sourdoughs going. It was a busy week(end) last week(end), and all I really have new for you this week is deer. Yup, deer. I got a call from my friend on Saturday & asked if I was ready to learn how to cut up deer. He knew I'd been wanting to learn, so he was able to salvage 2 hindquarters, since the hunters managed to some how hang them wrong & mess up the front ends..... Yesterday I donned clothes that I don't care about & went & cut..... and peeled..... and cut..... and LEARNED how to process whitetail hindquarters. It was tedious to me, as I've never done it before, and I'm happy that he broke me in "easy." Next year I'll learn how to process a deer, beginning with breaking the whole animal down. I'm chuffed with all this!!!

This morning I fried up the leftovers for the chickens. It was scrap that landed on the counters from the meat griner, that I swiped into a baggie. I mixed it with some other leftovers & cut up 3 mini0pumpkins (from my own garden) for them. Boy do they LOVE pumpkins!!! And pumpkins (seeds) are a natural wormer for chickens, so they win. I win.

Out of my hindquarter I got 11+ pounds of steaks & stew meat (only one baggie was stew meat), and I got a smidge over 9 pounds of ground. A little over 20 pounds of meat went into my freezer today! YUM!!!!!

What's gone wild in YOUR kitchen this past week?


Brandy said...

Yum yum YUM!!!!!!

If the van was in tip top shape, I'd be crashing your house for dinner. Just so you know LOL

WonderWoman said...

hi there..i just picked the 'next blog' link and landed here. we have a good bit in common, both interested in whole foods and i live in atlanta, sounds like you have gotten out. well, i have too i am in fayetteville in the country too. i used to make kmbucha, but haven't in ages. i really miss it. do you have any suggestions on how to start without a culture or where to get one? thanks in advance for any light you can share. i look forward to reading more of your posts.