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Monday, November 23, 2009

Kitchens Gone Wild 11-23-2009

What a wild past few weeks!I was blessed with dairy kefir grains & they seemed to have taken off in just a couple of days! I'm about to start them in raw milk instead of organic, so we'll see how that goes. Here is my beautiful new brew and some kefir cheese I made! I tried the cheese on some banana bread & it is DELISH!!!

This past week I was able to get 8 quarts of kombucha. A little less than I usually do, but I've got 3 gallons going now & will hopefully do at least 4 gallons next go round. My sourdoughs are still thriving, but I haven't been able to bake as of late. I also haven't gotten my WKG back out yet, but I have been sending WKG & dried sourdough out all over the country! That's been almost as much fun as fermenting things myself!!! *grin*

I also tried my hand at sprouts. The broc sprouts did well, but, to be honest, we just don't like them. I'm not giving up hope, though, and I will try again. In other sprouts, however, we love the lentil sprouts. They taste like a cross between raw peanuts & snap peas to me. Definitely doing these babies again!!!

I also decided to try something new this week & am going for fermented ketchup. Next week, I'll be able to update how is it & how it goes with the kids.

And last but not least, definitely wild, but unexpected in this post, I'm sure.....

We hatched a moth. The boys caught it, put it in a jar in the kitchen, where I moved it to the rack so it wouldn't get knocked over. The very next day it had already cocooned itself. 2 weeks later and a beautiful moth appeared!!!


Millie said...

You have had a busy week! Do you guys drink that much kombucha or do you use it for other things too? Since the weather got colder I am practically force feeding the kombucha where over the summer I couldn't make enough. Glad to hear your DK grains are doing well.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Since it's taking 2 weeks to brew with the colder weather, it's really not as much as it seems. Tristen & I both love k-tea, so we drink it fairly often.

I really don't use it for anything but drinking & smoothies.

Danielle said...

What's up with the fermenting ketchup? recipe? and the why behind it, please?