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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My *exhausting* week

On Wed. June 3rd, Hubba started at his new position. He was promoted from fuel desk to the "C-store." Starting that evening, I was watching Miss Thing from 2-3pm until *supposed to be* 11:30 or so pm. This was to last 2 weeks. The 11:30 pm or so wasn't working out, and it was more like 12:45 to 2am... **EEK** So I was falling asleep on the couch, waking up between 12:45-2am to get her off, then going to sleep in my own bed.

Now I don't sleep well on the couch to begin with, and I was having to sleep "with one eye open" on top of that (Miss Thing was being put down for bed between 8-9, but still I had to be alert enough to get Deb's call, get up, etc. And somehow I've managed to get into an internal 6-6:30am alarm clock, so sleeping in wasn't an option. Read further & it became even less of an option.

Anyhoo, on Thursday the 4th, I got a call that I'd forgotten about, so we (the kids & I) took a trip to Rock Springs.

Sunday, all sorts of disruption
broke loose at Hubba's work. He was called in before 6am. I was supposed to have the day "off" but he asked me to watch Miss Thing. I did.... I don't normally watch kids on Sundays, but this was almost as bad as the building burning down. I can't get into details for legal reasons, but suffice to say Hubba's alright & we all survived.

On Monday VBS started. 9am-12N in a town a few miles down the interstate. So my schedule was beginning to look like this:

  • Rise between 6-6:30a
  • Kids up at 7- take care of chicks, have kids do chores, eat break
  • leave house BY 8:45a
  • Drop kids off around 9
  • Chat with the lovely ppl at the church, get word out about the co-op & listen to old-timer's gardening stories (which I loved, mind you!!)
  • Go home & get chores done and run errands if needed
  • pick kids up at Noon
  • Home by 3 for Miss Thing to get here, even though several of the times she was way early (good thing I was getting home by 2, LOL)
  • Then of course watching her for 10+h each night & doing the couch thing ^^, making dinner, doing what little laundry I could, etc.

On Monday we ran home, rushed to eat so we could attend the library program & join the summer reading program at 1p, then rushed home for..... (and this was for the rest of the week almost as well

On Thursday, in addition to the above schedule, I picked the kids up at VBS, and we hightailed it (2h30m later) to Lander to pick up the "big batch" of chicks. I knew I was going to be late getting home for
Miss Thing to get here, but I'd warned Mama Thing about that previously. We picked Miss Thing up a few after 5, got home, waited for Hubba. At 6:35 the Elders & I left to go to the closing night of VBS, and I think I finally got home around 9 or a few after.

Mama Thing called and we had discussed Miss Thing staying the night the last day of the evening shifts, but due to the Sunday thing, her stint on evening was cut short (we were both thanking God for that one, LOL), and Hubba had changed her schedule. Mama Thing wanted to know if we were still on for that, even though it was almost a week early. I said SURE! This meant going to sleep in MY bed, without having to get up, get Miss Thing off & then transfer to my bed. It was glorious!!!

So Miss Thing went home last night late afternoon/early evening as "normal." She came at 7 this morning, "as normal." By Monday, I should have this "normal" thing down pat again, PTL!!!

So that is the story of why sleep was SOOOOOO heavy on my mind in my tag post. I am still tired, but I'm not drained & dragging like I was a mere 3 days ago! I'm sure I've missed some stuff, but here's the jist- LATE nights, early morning, summer programs, 2 road trips & caring for new baby chicks ON TOP of trying to get chores & errands run..... That was a very.long. week+.



JLB said...

I may give you the creeps but you make ME exhausted!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

LOL! Not creepy at all. Funny comment though!

JLB said...

Ok I guess you said I give you goosebumps lol

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

well, you AND the snake, LOL