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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can you turn the music down, please, Mom?

So we're headed home from Rock Springs earlier today, and my 5yo says to me:

"Can you turn the music down, please, Mom?"

I say "Why baby?"

He says- "So I can hear the......


It's not my big order, but I PLUM FORGOT that the lady in Rock Springs was going to call me when she got hers in!!! After a REALLY crappy couple of days, I SOOO need that phone call this morning!


Anonymous said...



JLB said...

Yeah!!! CHICKIES!!!!!

I have a dozen eggs I'm supposed to pick up this afternoon that are Americaunas. I'm hoping they'll work even though they weren't put in the incubator right away (I'll go on a desperate hunt for one this weekend)

Yours are?? RIR's? How many?

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

I think you have a week or 10 days or something before you have to incubate eggs. As long as they weren't inc'ed and then taken out because they start forming as soon as they are placed in heat.

And these ones are Araucanas.

mishbloom said...

Hi Kayla! I saw the beginning of your post about being on your way back from Rock Springs....and I remembered I forgot to ask where you are. I grew up in Glenrock (between Casper and Douglas, off I-25), and I'll tell you what--if I had only known then what I know now! *sigh* I love PA's green and trees...but I really really really miss the Rockies. I would love to get my DH west of the Mississippi but he's too much of a city boy. He did mention maybe Minnesota at some point, but that would only be after the Manlings are grown.

JLB said...

Okay, The eggs I got are supposed to be that or Americuanas :) You can get the bunnies at state fair for about $10. Thats what I bought my female for, she's a New zealand Satin.