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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A new kitchen appliance.....

And not by choice, mind you. A couple weeks ago I was trying to cook something & NONE of the burners would work..... So I tried the stove...... 30 mins on 350º & the temp reached 200º. Hm, well, off to the appliance stores in town, a few perusals online & our best bet was a Frigidaire for $508 delivered. We cooked outside on the grill & in the toaster oven that night & the next day our order was placed & our new stove was delivered just after 1pm.

I chose this stove, because a few years ago we had one in a rental home & I LOVED it! The only drawback was the colour. I wanted white. They only had bisque. Small price to pay to have a working stove the same day and the model I wanted. It's actually not too bad now, seeing it IN the kitchen.

So I'm a little excited. Besides, Hubba said for $500, I BETTER blog about the new stove :D

Look how bee-yoo-ti-ful & SHINY!!!


The Mom said...

Very nice! I secretly hope that my oven will die because I'm not too fond of it. I don't want to spend the money on a new one though, so it will probably last forever.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Have hope! I not-so-secretly wished mine to die. I hated mine as well, but was grateful for a working stove & oven. It only took a year :D

Jhona O. said...

How beautiful!! We have a very very chocolate brown stove with only two working burners(a small and big one at least). They have been "fixed" four times. I am praying that our gracious landlord will replace it before Thanksgiving so that I can make a feast with four burners:)Have fun and enjoy!!!

Andora said...

It's got that nice and shiny new look!!! I love to get new appliances but hate to spend the hard earned cash for them...but one must when it blows..nice stove you have there..

Tatersmama said...

Isn't it beautiful? *sigh* I would have been happy with the bisque as well, altho like you, white would have been my first choice.

Here in Oz, they think "less is best" so I have a tiny little stove (2 burners) with an oven that barely accommodates a cookie sheet!

Can you hear the envy in my voice?? LOL!