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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jar-aholics anonymous... A punny.....

So I was reading Laura's post on jars..... Which led me to Jodi's post on jars..... Which I showed Hubba..... Which led to a discussion between Hubba & I...... yup, on jars. And he said I didn't have that many jars yet..... (YET!!!)..... And I told him I didn't have room for that many jars (Oh Lord, how I wish I did). And he says "Oh, Honey, you'd be knocking out walls with that many jars. Who needs a bathroom? Bathroom? What's that?" And I said "Ooooo, for real? We only need ONE, right?" And he says "One jar? To use as a bathroom....."

I married a smart man.....

Now I'm off to find room for MORE jars!!!!



Jodi Davis said...

I hope you get all the jars possible! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Have a blessed day!

Kelle said...

Hey, wait until you have over a thousand+ jars! Tell your Hubby to start thinking of an add on pantry room. We have our downstairs pantry, it's approx. 25x 40ft and yep, it's to small. I've expanded jar storage to the loft in the garage( when empty) and into our rootcellar( when jars are full of something)

I haven't counted yet but I'm betting we've have canned approx. 500-600 jars of produce this season( we're not done yet either), that's not counting the leftovers we're still using from last season.

BTW, your canned goods look beautiful! Doesn't it warm the heart to look on the bounties of your work and the blessing from the Lord?
Blessings for your day,