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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes, they can!!

Little ones can be such a big help when doing household chores. Here you see my 5 year old separating socks into piles. He also separated his & his brothers' undies into piles.

As a side note, last week we were out playing in the snow & Hubba told Little Girl not to eat yellow snow. She looked at him as though he were off his rocker & vehemently replied: "I don't eat yellow snow. That's PEE!!!"


Kelle said...

Yes, they are GREAT helpers. Our were too at that age and still are wonderful helpers. They sorted laundry before washing, they helped wash and dry dishes, using a chair of course ;o). Both of our children had chores even when they were as young as 3-4 yrs old, simple tasks like cleaning up their toys, beginning making of their bed, helping me cook, even collecting eggs and feeding chickens, with adult supervision. This helps not only us, but it also gives them self esteem, character, and strong work ethics. We never paid for chores, as we felt that everyone is an important part of the family and we all worked together. We did however treat them, just because we loved and appreciated them( BTW, we still do this and we still love and appreciate them both). Keep up your training, you are on the right path!

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Tatersmama said...

What great (and smart) kids you have!
Give the boys another few years of sorting laundry and you'll never have to lift a finger ever again! I know...I know.
I told myself the same thing, but it never exactly worked out as planned! ;-)

And NO yellow snow... sheeeesh !