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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day in the desert... Part 1 (because there are TONS of pics)

Sunday we decided to take the boys shooting. They got to shoot their first "real" gun. Well, the older 2 did. The little one stuck to the BB gun & finding spent shells. He's so proud of his baggie of shells. We went up to the desert & shot the guns, did some off-roading & then we just drove for miles til we came to a pass we couldn't cross because of the snow. It was a blast, but neither Hubba nor I wanted to get out of bed the next day! LOL.... The kids slept late, too.

In the event of home defense, we'd been counting on the dog as part of our defense. We took her along to see if she'd turn tail & run from gunshots, or if she'd stick around. She didn't even flinch. Needless to say I'm so very proud of her!!! She had a BLAST running through the bush and sand and hills.

Such a gorgeous view from where we were.

The ride "home" until of course I yelled GO RIGHT when we were about to turn left on the road home, LOL. Hungry kiddos & a cutie pie Hubba. YUM!

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Michelle said...

I want to come with y'all next time!