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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vote for KerryAnn!!!

As you know, our diet is making a slow but sure & steady change back to the basics of eating. My friend, KerryAnn has been a WONDERFUL help & her forum- Cooking Traditional Foods is an awesome resource for anyone battling with poor diet, food allergies or the struggle of changing a dietary lifestyle.

It would do us BOTH a great honour if you'd vote for her at 2009 Start Up Nation Leading Moms in Business Competition. You can vote once each day!!

Here's her profile on Start Up Nation:

"KerryAnn Foster created Cooking Traditional Foods in 2007 to assist busy mothers who wish to feed their family whole and traditional foods. KerryAnn is a work-at-home mother to two young children in the Asheville, NC area.

Cooking Traditional Foods releases a weekly menu mailer, maintains a subscription recipe archive, publishes cookbooks and runs an active forum for women who wish to feed their families whole and traditional foods. Each Menu Mailer contains the menu, shopping list, preparation schedule and recipes for six dinners and one dessert for the week. All Menu Mailers are gluten and casein optional, to assist those who have food allergies.

Cooking Traditional Foods was born out of KerryAnn's struggle with celiac disease. After being diagnosed in 2006, KerryAnn could find no resources that combined a whole foods cooking style and cooking for food allergies in a fast and easy format. KerryAnn launched the Menu Mailer in 2007 with an easy to use format so that anyone wishing to use whole foods, with or without a food allergy, could have a quick and easy meal on the table that the family would actually eat and enjoy. By using the menu mailer, a busy mother doesn't have to worry about taking the time to plan a menu. She just has to follow the shopping list and recipes each week to have fast, nutritious food on the table that is delicious and kid-friendly.

The CTF forum provides mothers an interactive way to gain help with their cooking questions, support for transitioning into the whole and traditional foods lifestyle, help with food allergies and support for a thriving family life through natural living and mothering.

KerryAnn does private consultations for those who wish to have special menus created, want to learn a particular cooking skill, want specific help for switching over to whole and traditional foods, or wish to learn more about celiac disease and food allergies."


Tatersmama said...

What a wonderful idea ! Thanks for this !!!
I'm trying to get back to basics and cut out a lot of convenience foods, so this is so helpful!

Millie said...

Hi there! Just thought I'd leave you a note to tell you I have enjoyed your blog. I can not wait to get moved to Wyoming!