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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Queen of Repurpose strikes again

I'm cheap. There, I said it. Oh wait, no, I've always said that. And I'm proud of it too. Yeah, what's it to ya? *grin*

I couldn't justify spending money to buy plastic strainers for my water kefir (speaking of which, I need to check them again to see if my "brew" is brewed, LOL). So I improvised. I have LOTS.of.sets.of measuring cups. I figured I could drill holes into one cup. This not only gives me a free strainer, but it also lets me measure my grains, so I know when they've multiplied, YAY!!!

I've also taken to making a LOT of yoghurt cheese. But using my yellow strainer & a coffee filter got annoying. Every time you'd go into the fridge, you'd knock the handle. A disaster or 3 struck, so it dawned on me that I could make a strainer from a bowl that would fit into my large pyrex measuring cup and had a WIDE flower shaped lip on it.

YAY for repurposing!!!

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