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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big day in the small kitchen

Today was a HUGE kitchen day! I did some OAMC/batch/freezer cooking (whatever you want to call it! LOL). Also did a little baking. The yield?

-2 pans scalloped taters & ham
-3 pans South of the border chicken bake
-3 pans baked, um..... well, it's supposed to be ziti, but they didn't have ziti, so I got rotini instead. Think anyone will notice?
-10 bags meat mix (for tacos, chili, spags, etc)
-12 breakfast sandwiches
-12 breakfast burritos
-24, um 19 (we had some for dinner) stuffed tater shells
-3 loaves Amish Friendship bread
-6 reg. sized & 12 mini-muffin sized Amish Friendship breads

I was supposed to do a few pans of mashed taters as well, but guess what? It didn't get done. My dogs are barking, I worked my patooshka off al day & I STILL managed to get a decent dinner on the table *grin* We had spiral sliced ham & the aforementioned tater shells. YUM!!!

Oh, and BTW, Happy New Year!!!

1 comment:

Tatersmama said...

Oh my... You're a cruel, cruel woman! Posting a list of all those ymmy foods and then neglecting to share the recipes with me? I need to go find a bib for all the droolin' I'm doin' here!
It's 3:16 pm here right now, and I haven't even managed to get the breakfast dishes done yet! But then again... I had 7 kids for most of the day, including 2 special needs ones so I'm lucky to have even a shred of sanity left!