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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life these days

Still haven't found my camera cord, but I'm hoping that will change soon :D I've got the primer coat done on the downstairs, and that means I'm ready for the top coat. Once I get that done, we'll begin setting up one end of the big room as our homeschool area. The other end will likely still be empty. We're hoping to get flooring in the next 1-2 months max. We'll floor the empty end of the room, then move the HS stuff to that end & finish in the other end.Tomorrow, I start my new again job. Last year I worked for the same company as Hubba. It was just a couple of hours a night, a few nights a week. It was more or less on my own schedule. I basically just stocked shelves, faced & fronted the store & did the merchandising. I enjoyed that it was in the evenings, and I didn't have to leave my kids home all day. I was presented with the same opportunity again a couple of weeks ago, but this time in a different dept. I'll have the same "hours," the same boss, the same job. I decided that when the girls started school, I'd no longer be watching children. It's going to be less than time & cost effective.

Now, don't get me wrong. If a daycare charge fell into my lap that was under school age, I'd likely care for them. I don't see that happening. One of my stipulations, and the one everyone seems to have a problem with, is that I no longer wait until the end of the week, pay period or month. I've been ripped off 3 times by 3 different families, and I'm out over $100. I figure if they're not willing to pay me up front, they're not willing o pay me at all. I say this because it's not like they have to have $200 up front for a full week or 2. I am ok with them paying up front on a DAILY basis. That typically only runs $20-25 at the most.So, anyway, it will be nice to work for this lady again. I did the math. I can earn more after taxes in less then 1/4th of the time that I do with one daycare charge.

Seb & Hubba have spent this past week in hunter safety classes. They were going from 6-9 M-F & then they did the shooting range Sat. morning 8:30-11:30. They are both now certified to "hunt safely." I'm so proud of both of them. Hubba got 100% on his final test. The instructor said that he's only the 2nd *man* that has scored 100%. Women apparently breeze through the test & scoree 100, but men don't typically score 100. Seb on the other hand got a 96%. PHENOM for a boy his age (even if that's only MY mom opinion, LOL). Next year, we want to sign Tris up for the classes & Kee the following year.

I asked Hubba to get a couple pics at the range. These are taken under a cover with a cell, so the picture quality isn't great (ok, it downright sucks). Here are a couple of Seb:

A friend of ours will be taking Seb hunting this year, even if Hubba can't always go. We're all pretty excited about this new chapter in our life.

I'm also praying for a HARD freeze in our bodies of water here. This past winter, we were supposed to go ice fishing (myself & aforementioned friend), but the water didn't freeze hard enough. If we get a hard freeze, we're aiming to do it this year!

Otherwise, life is good. The animals are doing well, the garden is ding well, all things considered.

God is a wonderful God!!


Tatersmama said...

I unbderstand exactly, how frustrating those child care fees can be. There's seldom a week goes by that I'm not stiffed by at least one parent, but at least the biggest portion of their bills are paid by the gov't. It's hard to tell them "no more care until your fees are paid" though.

And Congratulations to your guys on passing their hunter safety classes! Good for them!

montanaprairiemom said...

Greetings from small town Montana. I loved your Wyoming sky photos! We are a hunting family too, bow and rifle. Love that wild game in the freezer! Blessings from Denise