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Monday, October 27, 2008

Decorating the living room!

For a couple years now, I've wanted a primitive Patriotic look in the living room. Other than a few little whimsicals here & there, I hadn't attained that. We purchased some things to get the living room where we wanted it. Including the supplies to make a huge wooden flag.

Here are some of the whimsicals I had to begin with:

Cute little patriotic bears

Basket with a pretty burgundy stripe

My Mum bought this flag set for Hubba last CHRISTmas

Framed art & a wooden banner

Close up of one of the framed pieces

A long prim-look wooden flag banner & a couple little trinkets (birdhouse & a mail holder type thing)

Here is a mirror that I painted, along with some stars I bought, some I revamped (the wire looking ones, I painted & glued little metal stars on), and a whimsical I had before:

Here are a couple before pics of one wall (before). Notice the tacky thermostat?!?!

And here is the after- after I put up the huge stars (covering the therm *winkwinknudge*) & my flag. I'm quite chuffed with myself & that flag!!!

And here is a close up of said flag.
It really looks better in person *sigh*

Here are a couple of my favourite things. My Simplify wall. It was the first wall I put stuff up on & always will be. It is my fave part of the room. You see this as you come in the front door!!!

And a BEAUTIFUL angel one of my bestest online friends made for me. She came with a special home blessing from my friend.

For the flag here's what I used & did:

9 cedar planks (3-3.5"X5')
wood glue
craft paint

I cut one of the planks to be the size of the other 8 together. I ran some glue down those cut planks & then nailed the full planks to it. After that I just started painting. I cut a stencil from an index card for the star. As I stenciled & painted the star I just rotated it here & there so they wouldn't look the same. Quite easy & only a few hours work. Best of all, I am so happy with it & Hubba REALLY likes it, LOL.

Next picture post will be of the mudding & sanding I'm doing. Hard work, but a LOT of fun. Yes, I'm loving it!

Have a very blessed day!


Leah said...

Very neat!!!

Tatersmama said...

I would dearly love a primitive, patriotic theme, but unfortunately, that stuff is hard to come by here in Australia.. And with the dollar the way it is, I can't afford my beloved eBay anymore. *sob*
I love what you're doing though. :o)