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Friday, September 26, 2008

Loving the Lord all.year.round.....

So since yesterday, my Yahoo IM message has read "I'm listening to CHRISTmas music." Today I received a message that really just put a damper on my day. Luckily, after some thought, quick prayer & a talk with one of my best friends, I was able to think more clearly about the situation. The following are the message snippets, as well as my thoughts on loving my Lord, my Jesus, MY SAVIOUR.....
Oh, Kayla, it's much to early to listen to Christmas music. Why just this past Monday was the 1st day of fall. I work part-time at the *store name removed for privacy* and I put out Christmas stuff 2 weeks ago. Pretty soon, there will be no division on seasons or holidays. Everything will just all run together all year, nothing special, nothing really to look forward to cause it, ( the different holidays and seasons) will all be out there for sale, to watch as a DVD, or to listen to. Christmas music is some of the prettiest music I know of and I love it, but in it's place and not so early. I like the anticipation of the different holidays and seasons. I don't want to nor my family to loose the "magic" of celebrating the different holidays, especially Christmas. But hey, that's me and my opionion.
I responded with a short & simple:
It only loses meaning if you let it ;)
Sorry, I ran out of space. Have fun listening to all the Christmas music you want to. As for me, we are still busy in the garden harvesting okra, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. So, we don't want to much of a good thing by listening to Christmas music before the real celebration gets here. By then, we'll be tired of it. It won't mean the same. And no, your'e wrong when you say "only if you let it", the meaning is still the same, yes, but the message gets to same ol same ol. And a person gets dulled by it. It creeps in slowly.
I responded with the following, hoping she'd get the message that I didn't really want to talk about my music choices, nor that I cared for the first words she'd spoken to me in months, that they were criticising, upsetting:
We're doing fine, thnx for asking
Her response:
I'm glad y'all are doing fine. I really didn't think you weren't. Now it makes me wonder.... Anyway, I've got to go and do laundry. Too bad that doesn't have a "season" that has an ending. lol talk to you later... Have a Great day.
And mine:
It has been so long since we have spoken and the first words that you offer me are a criticism. Christmas music uplifts my soul. I am not asking you to listen to it, but I enjoy it. I am not offended that you do not like the timing music I choose, but it does hurt that we have not talked for so long, and our first talk is a lecture. Christmas music to me is the same as listening to the gospel, screaming my love for the Lord as loud as I can...... All.year.round. I hope you enjoy your harvest. With our move, we were unable to bring in the full glory of one this year. Good luck geting your chores accomplished today. God bless
I LOVE listening to Christmas music like I do Chris Tomlin, or Casting Crowns. I don't just celebrate His birth ONE .DAY.A.YEAR... I celebrate it every.single.day.of.the.year. I LOVE My Jesus. LOVE Him. He is the reason I am here. He is the reason I have a wonderful Hubba, 3 BEAUTIFUL boys, and He is the reason I have been blessed with SO much!!!

Re-JOY-ce in His birth, His death & the gifts He gave you, every.single.day.of.the.year. Isn't He worth that?

As I was writing this, I am so pleased that my friend came back & asked forgiveness for criticising a fellow sister. I think (hope) we now have an understanding of where the other is coming from. I'll admit, I was stunningly hurt by the words I read. But HE always has other plans. This is one of those things where I get a chance to minister. To come here & tell YOU how I feel, and hopefully in turn, learn..... teach....

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