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Friday, September 26, 2008

Dreaming of Montana....

I got a comment on my "about me" post in the sidebar. She felt that that led to an air of discontent. Quite the contrary. It's past tense. For years now, one of my things has been "Dreaming of Montana." Oh yes, I wanted to live in Montana. I did research on Montana. I loved a state I'd never even visited. All because of a movie..... The Horse Whisperer.

So, when Hubba asked if I'd consider living in Wyoming, I said with resounding excitement- YES!!!! After all, it was close enough to my dream, right? We have spent over a month here in Wyoming & I must say, I never should have said "Close enough." It is beautiful here. The sky is big, blue, clear & beautiful. You can see the stars at night. When it gets dark here, it gets DARK!!! This isn't anywhere close to my dream of Montana. This is real life and it is wonderful. I'm glad we made this move. I'm glad I thought it was "close enough."

Now I can visit Montana, but I'm coming home.

To Wyoming.....


Die Hausfrau said...

hello! i'm so glad to read that you're ok. hugs!

Linda said...

That is wonderful Kayla. So glad to catch up with your news.

Chrisi said...

I am SO excited for you!!!!! I look forward to hearing more.