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Friday, May 7, 2010

Food co-ops, Free "advertising"

I was reading over on Homestead Revival about food co-ops. I left a comment (a shameless plug) about the food co-op I coordinate here in Southern Central Wyoming. Comments are moderated over on Homestead Revival, so after my comment was approved, I noticed I wasn't the only one plugging a local (wherever that might be) co-op. I got to thinking that it would be nice if we had a place that listed several co-ops from around the US (and globe???). So here's your chance. If you're heading up a co-op, I would like to add you to a consolidated list on my blog!!! I know I don't have a ton of readers, but I'm hoping over time, the list of co-ops will grow.

Here's what I need from you if you are the coordinator in this order:

Location (Be as specific as possible. I know of several co-ops in Wyoming alone, and they range from Southern Central, Central, Northeast & Northwest)
Your name (first is fine, as long as you're the only one with that name at the contact information)
Your co
ntact information (phone number &/or email address)
What company(ies) you order from
How often you order
The minimum for each member/family to order each time

Based on these few things, I believe most others can decide if they're interested, and they may get any further information from you when they contact you. Here's an example of how this would read:

Southern Central Wyoming (Carbon County & surrounding areas)
Michaela Leeper
wyo.helpmeet(at gmail dot)com
Azure Standard
We order as often as we can, depending on the committed interest each month
Each family agrees to spend $50 each order

Easy, huh? So leave a comment or contact me at the above email addy & we'll get you added! Remember you have to be the coordinator, as I only want information that is voluntarily given.

1 comment:

Tatersmama said...

This is a part of the reason for me wanting to return to the US! I suppose they do have co-ops here, but for the life of me, I've never ever heard of any in this area... which is one of the most farm-dense areas of the country!