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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My how they reproduce!!!

I am changing the post date on this to keep it at the top. The
interest has been phenomenal, so I want to be sure everyone has a chance to see it. Please scroll down for newer blog posts!!

I have been doing water kefir now for several months. My kids particularly love the "apple soda" I make. I finally figured out the way to make my grains reproduce like no other..... The only bad part (for me) is that I have LOADS of them now.

So, not bad for you, I'm offering dried grains at $6.50 a batch shipped (in the US. Ask about international shipping). My grains are only grown in raw sugar with filtered water & my own pastured eggs shells. Occasionally I add organic raisins, sometimes not. My grains have been coming out HUGE. The dried grains have a brown tint to them. This is because of the raw sugar I use. You will receive 2 heaping teaspoons of dried grains & instructions on how to brew them, along with my apple soda recipe!

If you wish to take me up on this offer, please leave a comment with your email address (my comments are moderated & any comment that includes an email address, I will not publish). Include in your comment your email address & that you are interested in the grains. I will send you my paypal information, and let you know the the availability of grains.

If you have rec'd ferment starters from me in the past, I would love if you left a comment with your testimonial. Feedback for me, so to speak!


Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Hey, I'd like some but have on question, will they keep until our cow freshens end of April? I know very little about kefir, just what I've read on your blog but want to try some.

Tatersmama said...

Okay... so now what are we looking at? I've heard of kefir, but I'm not really sure what it is. You got me at "ferment" though... ;-)

Matt5verse6 said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog the other day. I pray all is well with you and your family. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in your kefir grains if you still have them available!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Beth, I'll need your email address. It was not left with your last comment.

Melody said...

Do you still have any? I'm toying with the idea of getting some. Kefir is totally new territory for me though......